What is Thai massage?

Thai massage is a type of massage that uses passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines.  Thai massage can be performed on a mat on the floor or massage table.

The client is provided with a cotton uniform (pants and top) that allows for movement.  Thai massage is both deeply relaxing and energizing.

I am not very flexible. Can I receive Thai massage?

Yes.  Thai massage uses gentle assisted stretches to increase your range of motion and flexibility based on your individual needs. Stretching is never taken farther than what your body will allow. Some positions in Thai massage may look intimidating if you’ve never stretched before or are inflexible.  Most importantly, if certain stretches are too advanced for you or they aren’t called for, they are omitted. There are hundreds of different Thai massage stretches, therefore hundreds of different ways to address each individual’s needs.

Does Thai Massage hurt?

Most of the Thai massage experience will be very pleasurable. However, like other deep tissue modalities, Thai massage can have varying degrees of intenseness associated with areas of the body that have energy blocks. Although discomfort may be mild to moderate, such sensations are usually brief, followed by a feeling of release and well being after the blockage has been cleared.

We have a range of massages that suit your comfort level.  The intensity levels vary from soft and gentle to medium and strong.

How frequently should I receive a massage?

Generally, receiving bodywork as often as possible will show quicker results for individuals seeking out therapy. Each individual’s needs have to be taken into account. From a practical standpoint, receiving a massage once a week is optimal, twice a month is adequate, and once a month is minimum for restoring and maintaining well being.

What other massages are provided at Pure Thai?

In addition to Traditional Thai massage we provide Deep Tissue massage, Relaxation massage, Foot massage, Pregnancy massage and Pure Thai Therapeutic massage.

For Back Neck and Shoulders Massage you can choose the (Deep Tissue or Relaxation Massage) depending on the intensity you like.

Please note:  All massages at Pure Thai Massage are Non- Sexual.